Villa Antinori Toscana, 2009

I put this up against the Sassicaia 2002 to form a pseudo ‘Super Tuscan’ tasting as I thought it would make a good contrast – This costing £14 and Sassicaia £114!  It wasn’t here to compete, but was intended to be a simple comparison in quality. However this stood up extremely well to the Sassicaia …and not everyone present identified which was which correctly (ahem!)

I did give this bottle 4 hours of decanting however. But I don’t mean that to demean this wine in any way, being a lot younger I knew this would still be quite ‘fresh’ straight out of the bottle, so the decanting was to mellow it out a little. I was surprised by it’s complexity, there was a lot going on in this wine and was revealing more as we drank through the bottle. Considering it cost a fraction of the Sassicaia – it wasn’t completely eliminated from the competition. Kudos.


Waitrose £14.

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