Saumur Champigny Le Grand Clos, 2006

I love Cabernet Franc – usually drinking it from the new world it’s easy to forget it’s a predominant grape in the Loire valley. However I have struggled to find any from the Loire that give me that Cabernet Franc experience that I love.

I’ve been hanging onto this bottle since bringing it back from the Loire after our holiday in the region two years ago. I’ve not drunk it until now as I’ve had the sense it was a few rungs up from your standard Saumur, and actually found the right occasion to open it extremely difficult – just how good (or not) was it?? and would it provide me with a Cabernet Franc from the Loire that I would love and shout – Huzzah Finally!??

No, unfortunately. It was a little light bodied, with tangy, dried-up fruit showing it’s age, nice enough, but didn’t hit the spot this time. I won’t say the Loire Cabernet Franc’s are not my kind if wine, as I know there’s some out there that will give me what I love about the new world examples, only terroirized by the French!

I’ve just got to find one…


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