Rodáno Chianti Classico, 2010

Despite having what some consider to be an overstocked cellar – I always seem to be short of drinkable red Italian wine on a Friday evening – probably because  I always want to eat Italian food and drink red Italian wine on a Friday evening!
So when an offer came through from Roberson Wine for an ‘amazing value’, ready to drink Chianti Classico I had to jump at it, and not just because it has a great label!…
…Robert Parker also gives it a good write-up.
I usually expect to open a typical drinking Italian and find it a bit harsh at first, tight, acidic even, yet to develop into what it is. But that’s the beauty of Italian wines generally – they are made to enjoy with food, rather than appear immediately pleasing. As such they {almost} always turn into a great experience with the right dish, no matter how they might at first appear. This Rodáno however came out of the bottle fully formed, deep, dark earthy & leathery, more like a mature Brunello di Montalcino than a food friendly light/medium bodied Chianti.
As usual I decanted it before drinking and after just a short time it appeared oxidised, tasting a little overly mature.
However just as food manages to overcome a youthful, acidic Sangiovese, in this case it masks the apparent oxidisation and emphasises a deep mature fruit. Later with a chocolate dessert even some light bright violets.
A well developed chameleon of a wine – depending on what you drink it with.
Rodáno Chianti Classico, 2010; £13:72 Roberson Wine:

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