Retro Bistro, Teddington

Chassagne-Montrachet “Les Pierres” Jean-Marc Pillot, 2008

I’m being stalked by Jean-Marc Pillot’s Chassagne-Montrachets!

Without seeking them out they have cropped up three times in recent history – and they aren’t exactly common!

The first at the Bingham Restaurant in Richmond for my birthday, then in Chassagne itself (where I just had buy some to bring back), then again at Retro Bistro.

The nose on this wine is delicious just in itself; full and giving, which might make you think you are about to receive a mouthful of fat buttery chardonnay. However the wine is more complex, obviously Chardonnay, but with a nice acid backbone, and in this bottle maybe a little too much of a sharp backbite to the finish.


Sarget de Gruaud Larose, 2006

Trying desperately to remember something of what the 2006 vintage was like in Bordeaux, being flanked by two standout vintages (for very different reasons!) 2006 seems to be a little lost?!! So with a difficult and confusing wine list, split frustratingly into ‘Avant-Garde’ (non-French) ‘Classique’, and ‘Collection’ sections, we took a punt on the 2nd wine of Gruaud Larose – Being of sound reputation and positive previous drinking experiences.

Classic Bordeaux flavors of pencil shavings and medium bodied, it went down well with the epic Chateaubriand. Ok, but nothing earth shattering.



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