Niepoort Redoma Tinto, 2002

I didn’t give this bottle the justice it deserved; I completely messed-up opening it, which set the course for an unworthy experience. It wasn’t completely my own fault – the cork disintegrated into dust when I tried to open it, even a twin-pronged cork puller couldn’t help me. What was left of it in the neck ended up getting pushed into the bottle resulting in small pieces of cork in the wine. The last thing this wine needed, given it was due for drinking between 2008-2013, was to be mess around with it, so decanting and filtering it to eliminate the tiny pieces of cork probably wasn’t the thing to be doing. Also I didn’t think that there might be residue – which there was, so most if it ended up in the decanter, and a second decant back into the bottle to remove what I could exposed it to even more air – and that it really didn’t need. Amateur!


I’ve enjoyed several bottles of the white Redoma, and I’m sure the red is equally as good, however after debateably holding onto it for too long and decanting it twice, I didn’t taste the quality I was expecting. In fact dried, prune-like flat fruit meant it was definitely past it’s best but maybe even completely over. Tasting it again it I still couldn’t decide, great! I hate wine when it’s  borderline – especially in restaurants, do I send it back? will the waiter be convinced?? The same when I open a bottle at home – Do I abandon it? Do I persevere??

…Having some of the excellent Milcampos leftover from yesterday, I reverted to that whilst I decided (procrastinated!), …and I never came back to it.


Noble Green Wines, Hampton Hill.

Approx £25

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