Leyda Chardonnay Lot 5, 2010

Another one-off bottle recommendation from The Good Wine Shop in Kew, and again they have proven their worth, despite the dodgy label! 


At the end of the ‘Kloof Friday Swim tasting about a week ago Chef Barrie opened a bottle of Pinot from the Leyda valley, jeez it really had a unique style – burnt tar! I couldn’t get the awful taste of it out of my mouth all the way home, despite cycling in the frozen early morning wind. So when I saw ‘Leyda’ distinctively written across the label of the wine I chose for evening’s aperitif I thought ‘ah crap’ …possibly out loud.

Nick didn’t like it. Maybe because she hasn’t been able to drink for a month? Maybe because of a little bitterness on the finish? Which did disappear, typically towards the end of the bottle, by which time it also really started to show some lovely character. Not that it was bad to start with, general approving comments were received all round from my hosts and other guests. …all that in addition to my approval of course.

However I have to remember it cost £18, so although delicious, would I buy it again? I must say it hasn’t grabbed the heartstrings that hold my wallet. Maybe because of that label?

Am I that shallow??… 


Not, I don’t think on this occasion. It was a lovely drink, and I’d like to taste it once it’s had a chance to fully open-up, because it I think it definitely has further potential. However I’m sure there are other wines out there that are better value for money…

For example the 2011 Domaine Yves Cuilleron Viognier Vin de France Les vignes d’à côté at £16 – also from The Good Wine Shop. I could be wrong, but I seriously hope not because Yves Cuilleron produces a divine Condrieu les Chaillets which comes in at about £40, and this Viognier is from from Les vignes d’à côté – the vines next door, so not Condrieu AC, and not Condrieu prices either, but the next best thing. In theory. We’ll see… I’m hoping it’s delicious, my wallet is not!


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