Les Terrasses Priorat, 2002

After failing to find two bottles of Château St Pierre that were supposed to be lying somewhere in my cellar, I uncovered an old hoard of wine hidden away that I agreed to store for my friend Geoff when he moved to Ireland – about 8 years ago!! Amongst them was this Priorat that according to general opinion should have long been drunk by now.

I’ve been discovering a lot of highly rated Spanish wine recently and it’s high on my appreciation list at the moment, particularly Priorat. So I decided to attempt to rescue it – in a completely unselfish and altruistic way of course!

Almond nose with a slight burgundy stink. Lightweight, juicy and plummy with a drying slightly spicy finish, mellowed and light, tannins.

Still drinking ok, but only barely, past it’s best. I think it was a good job I found it now and did my friend a favor!!

…thanks Geoff.



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