Isla Negra Cabernet Sauvignon Reserva, 2012

Ok, I guess I’m going to have to admit to actually drinking this wine after originally buying it from the Tesco express around the corner with the sole purpose of pouring half if it into my bolognaise sauce!

I took a swig as I glugged it into my cooking pot – a bit rough, but there’s some promise there. It put me in mind of a cheap (£7.99) Malbec I once opened for a tasting which was also rough on opening but after four hours in a decanter was chosen as a favourite against others, including some costing £80! So I poured the remainder in a decanter, just to see what would come of it…

Five hours later I returned from my swimming session worn out and hungry and tasted it with my pasta dinner. Well, it lost that harshness and smoothed out, maybe a little too smooth? Weak, yes, but refreshing with a little oak and distinct Cabernet Sauvignon flavours. I have to say not bad for £4.99.


…But is that really supposed to be half price?? C’mon – there’s no way this is worth £9.98 – I hope someone somewhere (maybe even an MW?!) is deeply embarrassed at such hopelessly ridiculous pricing?

Tesco £4.99 ‘Half Price’

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