I Frati, Cà dei Frati, 2011

Cà dei Frati was founded 1939 by Felice Dal Cero, and is now run by the third generation of the Dal Cero family, it has a reputation as one of the finest producers of wine in the Lugana DOC which lies in the north of Italy, south of Lake Garda in Lombardy.

Depending on where you get your information I Frati is either made from 100% Verdicchio (wine-searcher.com) or Trebbiano (CellarTracker). But don’t worry they are both actually the same grape – it just depends from which part of Italy it’s being grown. As this is Lugana it should be referenced as Trebbiano (Trebbiano di Lugana). Whatever it’s called I’m not really familiar with it, which probably has a lot to do with confusion over naming! Plus lack of Italian language skills, the European tradition of focusing on region rather than varietal, and of course – blending.

However, I have lack of knowledge and familiarity – which is as good an excuse as any to plan a tasting of native Italian white wines sometime soon…


I know this is a good wine. However it is subtle; it wants you to work for those characterful qualities that are lying there. Quite pleasing upfront, not overblown (perish the thought!) smooth and medium bodied and most notably at first a – I was going to say short finish, but I think blunt might be more accurate? But I mean that in a good way – it doesn’t have a long flowing finish, just a surprisingly fairly abrupt one…. and not acidic like you might expect from Italy (and I have a feeling I’m going to regret saying that!).

However, this was the aperitif to this week’s (Italian themed) Friday Swim Tasting, which I was hosting, so didn’t get much time to sit and procrastinate over it – there was Slow Roasted Lamb Ragu with Papardelle and Lemon desert to finish preparing…


The Good Wine Shop, Kew Village, £16

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