EQ Pinot Noir, 2008

I’ve been drinking too much young wine recently, mostly in the name of research. So I thought it was time to drink one of the many wines in my cellar that are actually ready (or even overdue!) for drinking…

And this EQ Pinot is definitely ready – about 5 years cellar age on a bottle that would have been made for drinking, if not immediately, then pretty soon afterwards. I didn’t even decant it, which is in stark contrast to most of the wines I’ve been drinking recently that have needed about 5 WEEKS in the decanter!

You can see through it like a Pinot, although it tastes deeper and richer than the usual old world style pinots. Deep, rich, dark, jammy, spicy plum fruit (without actually being too jammy) A lovely wine, don’t get me wrong, but despite this appearing in the book 1000 Wines to Drink Before You Die (the title of which I despise!) I still prefer their Syrah, which doesn’t.



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