Corralillo Winemaker’s Blend, 2007

One of the mighty Matetic EQ’s little brothers. This bottle was left over from a case I bought as part of a mixed six-pack that I was selling on last year. Unfortunately a couple of bottles broke during transit, so I kept the bottles that had labels stained by the spillage.

Amongst other things this actually had a chocolaty nose …no, really. With a taste of smooth stewed fruit. What I know of how plum pudding tastes comes pretty much entirely from drinking plenty of Merlot! Seriously, who’s actually ever had a plum pudding?? Anyway, this has distinct hints of those kind of flavours, along with a slight bitter, tannic bite and a long spicy finish (probably more to do with the food I was swilling this down with!)

Possibly getting to the later stages of its ideal drinking window, but still a delicious, solid wine.


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