Clos Louie, Côtes de Castillon, 2004 2

I bought, and shared, a case of this en-primeur with a friend of mine back in 2005, on the recommendation of his (French) wine merchant. The promise of something made from 150 year old vines with a decent Parker review that didn’t cost too much proved more than tempting. I have to say though that I expected the label to look more like it had been around for the odd century, rather than the ungainly modern glossy label that turned up two years later…


However this could be explained by the fact that, despite having some of the oldest vines in Bordeaux, this is only the second vintage released from Clos Louie, which is a tiny estate who’s vineyard has a block of vines that are 150-years old. This ancient block includes the usual Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Cabernet Franc, but also some Malbec, and Carménère, although I don’t know what quantity, if any, of these found themselves in this blend.

I first drank this a few years ago after taking delivery of the released en-primeur purchase to see what I had. Back then it was a little raw with a distinct tannic finish that clearly needed a few years bottle age to mellow. More than a few years on those tannins have mellowed, however there is a little furriness with them too, which will probably dissipate given more time in bottle. With a medium body, black fruit flavours it’s fairly pleasing …if a tiny bit furry.

approx £16.50 Viader Vintners (June 2005)

2 thoughts on “Clos Louie, Côtes de Castillon, 2004

  1. Reply Mike Caplan-Hill Mar 31,2014 8:14 pm

    Let me know when the fur subsides and I’ll open a bottle :-)

  2. Reply Mike Caplan-Hill Nov 5,2015 2:47 pm

    I have now drunk and sold a number of bottles of the 2004, fur gone and a delight to drink. I have also been drinking the 2006 which is developing well, another year or two and this could be better than the 2004

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