Clos du Bois Merlot Sonoma Reserve, 2009

I used to drink the standard Clos du Bois merlot in my student days – and I loved the exuberant style of it. Unfortunately affordable American wines stopped being widely stocked in the UK and it became unavailable for a long time. I have noticed a small resurgence of interest by UK merchants in a wider range of American wines recently, so when I noticed this is my local Majestic I had to buy a few bottles for old times’ sake.


I was surprised by this wine, as the Sonoma Reserve series is obviously more complex than the vanilary, oaky fruit driven standard label wine I used to love, and didn’t have that delicious immediacy typical of the classic Californian style. I think there is possibly depth and complexity here but it’s not really showing right now – I got a small hint of it after being in the decanter a few hours, but it still wasn’t as exuberant as I might have expected, perhaps even a little muted, and potentially not worth even the offer price?   Let’s see what the next bottle holds…

Majestic Wine £18.99 (if 2 bottles purchased)

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