Chàteau La Louvière, 1999

I don’t know why I bought this wine. 20130622-134851.jpg

I know I bought a few vintages of it in France during their annual autumn Foire aux Vins several years ago – which means it was probably a bargain. Outside of that I don’t know what my buying decision was since I don’t really know anything about the chàteau or the wine. According to Robert Parker La Louvière tends to be consistently well-made, however the 1999 is apparently light, lean and under-whelming…

This bottle has a nice deep crimson/brown mature colour to it. A classic Bordeaux nose with a little forme d’ambert (which I usually associate more with right bank Merlot based bordeaux) that get’s more distinct as the wine opens up.

Light bodied, and dry – dry in the way that it has a little dried out fruit. I think you would be in danger of concluding it was flat, one dimensional and disappointing if you didn’t take the time to decant it and let it open up. But this is better than that and better than Robert leads us to believe. Ok, it’s light, maybe a bit lean (fruit-wise) but to me this is generally a well balanced, nicely aged Graves.

Classic lesser chàteau left bank Bordeaux that I know I didn’t pay too much for!



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