Caliterra Tributo Carmenère, 2010

The last time I had this wine it was from the 2009 vintage and I was amazed at how good it was, especially for the price, so much so I declared I had to buy more. Which I did, and the first sip of my new batch of 2010’s had me wincing and shaking my head at the sharp unpleasant rawness of the damn thing!… 20140318-111849.jpg

And so I learnt the unpleasant way (again!) – there’s no escaping the punishment of drinking a wine too young. Even a decent one. And especially one that wasn’t designed to be. Thank heaven for decanters and rapid oxygenating devices like the Vinturi wine Aerator, because when I re-approached this wine after a little enthusiastic exposure to air, it became not only drinkable, but highly enjoyable, and pretty amazing for the price.

Ok, here’s the bit the will actually be a direct benefit to you – the vast, immense, life changing (for a bottle of wine) impact that decanting a wine, just about ANY wine (except Burgundy) can have. Yes, yes I know decanting is for snobs and fancy schmancy bottles of Bordeaux – WRONG! Forget the idea of syphoning off the sediment for now – the chances if your bottle is fresh off the shelf there won’t be any. Wines are being made better and better these days, but unfortunately released into our shops far too soon, just about 90%, probably more, of the stock sold in any wine shop, supermarket or merchant is either too young or would definitely benefit some bottle age in a cellar or cool dark appropriate place (not the kitchen!). Failing that a decanter, won’t do the job nearly as well, but it’s the next best thing, and nine times out of ten will enhance your enjoyment stratospherically, and that’s no exaggeration. I opened a fairly cheap Argentinian Malbec on Malbec World day last year and I didn’t even need to taste it to know it was rough, young, and harsh to drink now, the fumes coming off it were enough to gave it away. Four decanted hours later it was chosen as the top wine in a tasting with some seriously good, expensive examples to compare with. Ok, that might be en extreme example but believe me, just about any wine you buy will be ten-times better after an hour in a decanter, carafe, jug, bowl, vase… whatever you’ve got.

BTW – DO NOT try “Hyperdecanting“, it will knock the stuffing out of your wine and leave it flat, and featureless as an over botox’d face! Believe me -I’ve tried, more than once. (not the botox, obviously)


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