Alheit, Cartology Bushvines, 2011

This was a wine of the week on last October where the description of the winemakers and their philosophy caught my attention. Unfortunately I let the boys on Wine Chat in on it too, so after splitting half a case with them I ended up with just two bottles. Damn!

Last Saturday, after gorging ourselves on one of Byron’s burgers for lunch – and of course one of their delicious (read gazillion calorie!) vanilla milkshakes, we decided sushi was the perfect antidote for our evening meal. So I decided to try out how well this might go with our sushi dinner…

I couldn’t get anything out of the nose after opening it, however on first taste it is thick and viscous, creamy even. Jancis Robinson wrote that this has a long, long finish, but I didn’t get that, in fact I found it quite short. It does however have a little twist on the finish that Jancis described as salty which gives it an interesting character.

The slight salty/bitter finish (can I really describe it as bitter?) and a little sharpness mixed with that lovely richness from the Chenin and Semillon provided a nice mouthful of wine and a good, although perhaps not perfect match for the Sushi – but that’s not the wine’s fault!

This is a delicious, interesting wine but I think it’s full character isn’t at first obvious, and the subtlety of the winemaking could be easily lost. It requires proper consideration …and maybe, just maybe, even a little decanting?


It could be an interesting exercise to find what really does accompany sushi perfectly, according to Oz Clark “Wasabi is a wine killer”, but then there’s no shortage of idiotic things that man has said over the years! I’d imagine an oily Alsacian Riesling would, but then I don’t have any in my cellar, and I have no intention of buying any either (as it’s not my favorite white wine!)

 £24.51 (inc Duty, VAT & Delivery) Lay & Wheeler

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